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Layer 1 Optical Switching

Get maximum value for money from lab equipment with optical switching technologies.

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Optical switching in a lab has been a useful tool for many years, but the disruption of 2020 coupled with the ever increasing requirement to get maximum value for money from lab equipment has seen more and more vendor, government and carrier labs turn to optical switching technologies.

A classic use case is to be able to perform remote or automated regression testing on network elements without having to waste time and resource recabling the lab between test runs. Using tools like the Polatis all optical switch its possible for an organisation to maximise the efficiency of their lab by making best use of remote and offshore workers to use the lab set up.

Their innovative Direct Light Beam Steering makes for high port density, low loss and low latency compared to traditional MEMS switches.



  • Pure Physical Layer Optical Fibre Matrix Switch Technology
  • Superior Optical Performance
  • SDN Enabled
  • Modular Fabric Scales from 4×4 to 192×192
  • High-Reliability Architecture
  • Dark Fibre Switching



  • Telecoms
  • Data Centre
  • Government Systems
  • Cyber Security
  • Oil and Gas Instrumentation
  • Network System Testing


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