Laser 2000


Compatible with switches and routers from all major vendors.
Skylane Optics SFP Transceiver

Laser 2000’s range of compatible optics provide excellent value for money with the same performance and functionality as vendor supplied ‘originals’. Whether it is populating a switch with 1GE SFPs or a router with coherent CFP2 we can typically offer a significantly lower price with vendor equivalent warranty saving your budget but maintaining your peace of mind.

Very often networks now are made up of multiple vendor’s equipment and the flexibility of compatible optics lend themselves well to this space. We can provide transceivers with a hybrid coding where they will work in both a Cisco or Juniper to make spares management easy or we can provide DAC with each end coded for a different vendor device – something that just can’t be offered as an ‘original’. Many customers take advantage of our coding stick so they can change the identity of an optic as required.

A selection of form factors are shown below but please get in touch to discuss your exact requirement.

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Skylane DAC-AOC Cable
Skylane Quad 25 Gigabits Small Form-factor Pluggable Transceivers (QSFP28)
Skylane Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Dual Density Transceivers (QSFP-DD)
Skylane small form-factor pluggable transceivers (SFP+)

Skylane Optics is a European company, established in 1998, that supplies a wide range of optical transceivers, passive products, and products for the smart home. Skylane Optics is all about transceivers, Mux Demux solutions, data transport on the outside of buildings, and soon on the inside, too. The company knows everything there is to know about coding. Skylane Optics’ products are compatible with the biggest brands, such as Cisco, HP, and Ericsson.

Skylane Optics offer customisation, technical on-site support, and commercial support. The company has an optics lab to provide a solution to every problem. Skylane Optics supplies 2/3 of the telecoms operators in Europe.


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