Laser 2000

VoIP and Protocol Analysis

Telecom class protocol testers for legacy systems and voice over IP.
Simulate large parts of VoIP and Cellular networks.

Laser 2000 work with partners like GL Communications to offer telecom class protocol testers for legacy systems and Voice over IP.

Whether the requirement is to decode ISDN or SS7, capture and replay audio over an E1 or do much the same thing with VoIP we have a solution for you.

GL’s tProbe is one of the last remaining supported tools for legacy technologies that still require support through the 2020s and has been adopted by the largest carriers in the UK for E1 analysis and simulation. Similarly VoIP analysis from PacketScan or end to end Voice Quality from VQuad is still in great demand as customer experience remains key. Lab based applications to simulate and emulate network components can be provided with the MAP platform which can simulate large parts of VoIP and Cellular networks.

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MAPS™ (LTE – S1)
GL Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) designed for testing LTE – S1
GL – Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) designed for SIP testing
All-IP network monitoring software
GL tProbe T1 E1 VF and Serial Data Analysis and Emulation Hardware
Voice, video & data quality testing software

GL Communications Inc. has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry providing equipment and consulting services. GL has a comprehensive suite of testing solutions to verify network performance in various telecom networks including wireless, fibre optic and traditional land line networks. GL offers customers a team of seasoned experts with a strong understanding of the challenges they face and the technical creativity to meet complex requirements. GL works with major telecom equipment vendors, service providers and system integrators to meet testing requirements arising at various stages of the product development life-cycle. Our test platforms provide unprecedented visualisation, capture, storage, portability, convenience and cost-effectiveness.


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