Laser 2000

Visual Fault Locators

Pinpoint the exact location of fibre damage to diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix the problem efficiently.
Visual Fault Locator

Visual Fault Locators (VFLs) are a key tool for any fibre engineer.

Quickly and simply used to locate sharp bends, breaks, and damages in fibre, it will also help perform fibre tracing and identification.

Laser 2000 partner with VIAVI Solutions who offer two different models depending on the engineer’s needs.

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FFL-050 Visual Fault Locator
FFL-050 compact visual fault locator
FFL-100 Visual Fault Locator
FFL-100 visual fault locator

VIAVI Solutions, formerly JDSU, was founded in 1923 as Wandel & Goltermann and is a global leader in fibre optic test, measurement and monitoring solutions for FTTH, xDSL, CATV, Wireless, Metro and Core networks, supporting Service Providers and their techs/contractors throughout the complete network lifecycle.


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