Laser 2000

Fibre Inspection and Cleaning

The tools to inspect and clean your bulkheads and patchcords.

Fibre inspection and cleaning is vital, since contamination is the #1 cause of troubleshooting fibre networks. Every engineer that handles fibre knows the importance of using only clean, undamaged fibre end faces. Assuming its ok because its new and came from a sealed bag isn’t enough – a professional fibre engineer will always Inspect Before You Connect!

Partnered with VIAVI Solutions and US Conec, Laser 2000 provides all the tools needed to verify and record that a clean fibre is being used.

Whether its simplex LC, SC, MPO or a specific military end face our wide range of tips and adapters make our fibre scopes suitable for all your applications. To complement the inspection we provide cleaning tools in a one-click pen format or a cleetops cassette style to best suit your preference.

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P5000i Digital Analysis Microscope
USB powered manual focus pass/fail microscope
FiberChek Probe
FiberChek Probe
Battery powered auto-focus pass/fail microscope
FiberChek Sidewinder Handheld Inspection & Analysis Solution
FiberChek Sidewinder
Fully automated pass/fail MPO fibre microscope
9393 Fibre Cleaner
IBC One-Click Cleaner for 1.25 mm connectors
9392 Fibre Cleaner
IBC One-Click Cleaner for 2.5 mm connectors
US Conec 7104 Fibre Cleaner
IBC One-Click Cleaner for MPO

VIAVI Solutions, formerly JDSU, was founded in 1923 as Wandel & Goltermann and is a global leader in fibre optic test, measurement and monitoring solutions for FTTH, xDSL, CATV, Wireless, Metro and Core networks, supporting Service Providers and their techs/contractors throughout the complete network lifecycle.

US Conec’s fibre optic cleaning products offer cost-effective high performance with features such as robust micro-woven cloth and sturdy housings, making cleaning your connector endfaces both a simple and economical task.


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