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Optical Spectrum Analysers (OSA)

Optical Spectrum Analysers, recognised for efficiency, portability & effectiveness from 10G to 400G.

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Optical Spectrum Analysers are a key tool for the field or lab where it is important to know energy levels per wavelength. With our partner VIAVI Solutions, we offer a range of different OSAs for a variety of applications, from research to others such as WDM systems testing, measuring of OSNR, passive and active component testing, etc. These OSAs come in different form factors including hand held devices, benchtop or rack mounted depending on your needs and the requirements of the engineers.



  • Sub-GHz wavelength resolution y Extended C-band acquisition range
  • Measures frequency, power level, and OSNR
  • Continuous and averaging test modes
  • Measures Side-mode suppression ratio
  • Handheld version improves field operations by getting results 40% quicker. Automated tests and pass/fail analysis
  • Guaranteed wavelength calibration for life
  • Use one flexible, universal tool to test any type of xWDM/ROADM network



  • Testing and qualification of 10/40/100/400G components and systems
  • Verifying high-speed 40/100 G interfaces
  • Validate and deploy 100 G and 400 G Flex-Grid DWDM
  • Deploying and maintaining DWDM metro and core networks
  • Installing and maintaining CWDM systems in CATV, access, and mobile backhaul
  • Provisioning and troubleshooting ROADM networks


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